January 19, 2018

Telling It How It Is

When you first start trying to launch your own home business and market effectively online, you certainly have a lot to learn.

Whilst it is true that none of the techniques or concepts are out of the grasp of everyday people and it is entirely realistic for you to learn and apply them, you will have to accept that many of those skills will take you a long time to acquire and then master.

I believe that a failure to accept that from the outset is one of the biggest causes of overwhelm and failure among new online business owners.
If you come into the industry expecting not to have to apply yourself to learn new skills and that by just purchasing a course you will instantly know everything there is to know, then you are doomed to be disappointed.buffet 1

Whilst aligning yourself with the right people will potentially shorten your education by focusing you on core information rather than the huge amount of distraction out there you still have to be prepared to get stuck in to that course material and apply it.

So here are some if the things I have realised about learning to make money online since 2009.

There are too many potential courses about making money online to count.
There are many different ways to make money online and for each of those there are a ton of different courses to choose from.
You need to focus on just one method or your efforts will be spread too thinly and you won’t see results.
Without focus and taking determined, sustained action you will not see results and will get stuck in “education mode” as you keep going back to the training materials hoping to find the gem of knowledge, the non-existent miracle shortcut, that will make it all so easy.
You need to choose wisely and focus on just one source of education initially. You can’t take every course.

Mastering New Marketing Strategies.
To master and new strategy will require a significant investment of time and money.
Nothing is free. You’ll either spend your time or your money and usually you have to spend both. Family might not like that new reality.
Expect distractions and further rabbit holes.
Expect to spend time to become familiar with any new software or platforms required to implement the strategy.
You may have to spend a lot more time than you expect.
Start off spending small but not too small. If you spend too much on a dud campaign you’ll have wasted your money.
Spend too little and you won’t see any results anyway.
Don’t be surprised to discover you need to fork out for third party applications to make the strategy more effective.
Even if you are prepared to spend the time creating incredible content in the hope of attracting waves of new customers to your website, don’t be naive enough to think that won’t cost you money. It will.

Software tools can be a powerful means to automating and short-cutting tedious manual internet marketing tasks.
A variety of different software is available in every niche and there is often overlap between the functionality of those tools.
Sales pages often promise results that are too good to be true.
Some have recurring fees (monthly, annually etc), some have one-time fees.
Don’t buy it if you can’t see yourself using it in your business. Does it solve a problem that you have?
Some are well supported with updates, some aren’t well supported with updates.
Some help desks are more responsive than others.
Installation can be difficult.
Configuration of “Options” can be confusing and difficult.
Third party service integration requirements.
Electronic licenses sometimes don’t work or stop working for no obvious reason.
Clashes with other programs on your computer.
Learning curves can be both high and steep.
Be prepared to spend time with your new software or service.
Be prepared to start traveling down a warren of rabbit holes.
Unexpected costs: captcha solving, internet bandwidth usage, VPS rental and maintenance.
Updates that aren’t automatic and require editing files.
Better off outsourcing the task on a “pay as you go” basis instead?

You may find that you spend a lot of time on free webinars expecting to hear some golden nuggets of education from people you follow.
In my experience, you may only pick up one or two such nuggets (if that) from the guru holding the webinar.
9 times out of ten, they just want to sell you something. That’s the game. Accept it.

Don’t be naive.
You need to be realistic, determined and committed to succeed.
That means being prepared to spend a lot of hours not only acquiring but mastering new skills.
Acquisition and mastery are two very different things.
You can “acquire” a golf swing very quickly but how much longer will it take you to “master” it?
Don’t blame other people for your lack of progress.
Only you are responsible for you and your results. You are not entitled to success. There’s plenty of room for you in the “Hall of Lame”.
You can always go back to scraping a living in that day job you so enjoy.

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  1. Alan GW says:

    Very insightful Brad, very truthful Absolutely there is no such thing as a free lunch ( even lottery winners end up paying something ) Thanks for your sage advice

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