January 19, 2018

The SpinDistribute.net Article Marketing Service Reviewed

Spin Distribute will interest you if you want to promote a website or want to get it ranked highly in the search engines to get free, organic search engine traffic. From just $2 per article, they will take care of your “article marketing” for you so that you can concentrate on other things.

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When you publish an article on the internet you can include a backlink to your site which helps to increase the number of people visiting your own website. Each article has the potential to get syndicated on hundreds or thousands of other websites if your content is good enough. Each one of those “syndications” will contain a link back to your own website which will drive direct traffic and also help your natural search engine rankings by contributing to the volume, steady velocity and diversity of links pointing to your website.

Spin Distribute allows you to publish your article to hundreds of “article directories” (sites that specialise in publishing new articles and making it easy for people to find them) which allows you build your backlink profile in a time-efficient manner.

They also offer to write and even “spin” the articles for you, which is a real time saver. Spinning the articles creates hundreds of unique versions of your article so that the search engines are more likely to count each one of your links rather than ignoring them as simple “syndicated content”. They are a reputable company who are also responsible for this highly affordable industry-standard spinning software (which I own, absolutely love and highly recommend)!

How Spin Distribute works

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They have over 800 article directories (across a wide variety of different article directory content management platforms) and private, “high authority” blogs and websites that they distribute your article to. They don’t distribute your articles to “junk” article directories or useless “link-farms”. Their special “drip system” distributes your articles over a time period that you specify and I recommend 1-2 months in order to smooth out the rate at which you are getting new backlinks to your site.

The search engines like to see a slow and steady, consistent increase in backlinks over an extended period of time that looks natural and not like you have fired up a link building tool like an amateur and just blasted your site with a hundred thousand new backlinks out of nowhere!

Features And Benefits Of Free Registration at Spin Distribute

Spin Distribute Benefits

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You can also choose to take 5 minutes to set up your own unique user details if you want them to submit your articles to the top 5 most popular article directories in the world as well (no extra charge and highly recommended). All this with a few clicks of a button in a very attractive and easy to navigate user interface (I do like “lime-green”).

I recognise that new users might be cautious and might like to try just syndicating one of their own articles to begin with and you can do that for just $2! You have nothing to lose! Judge for yourself.

You can actually get syndications for even less than $2 because you get discounted credits when you buy them in bulk for future syndications!

Personally, I like to use their “complete service” where they write TEN new articles for you, take the time to carefully spin them and submit them over 2 months to their hundreds of sites. I find it such a relief to be able to offload the work of writing, spinning and syndicating articles for less than $9 an article!

Any time I have had a problem or a question about the service I find that their support service is responsive and thorough, usually responding to me on the same day. Once, I even bought the wrong package and they refunded my money the same day when I told them about my error.


Spin Distribute is my preferred backlinking and article distribution service in 2014 and I use it to promote my content and increase search engine rankings to drive free traffic to my sites from the search engines.

I regularly use the service myself and I can recommend it for the results that it delivers so click here for your free account today!

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  1. Jarrett Holmes says:

    Interesting. I need to take a look at this. I own SpinRewriter already so I’m sure it can’t be that much different.

  2. I do like this. I did my first article over 50 days distribution. My site is new so I’m not sure how often to send out a new article. My site is e-commerce and is 6 months old. Any advice on frequency of new content?

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