February 25, 2018

Is SFM a Scam in 2015?

Everyone in 2015 is asking about whether The Six Figure Mentors is a scam and whether it is a genuine program and company to be trusted or not.

The Six Figure Mentors Scam

Is The Six Figure Mentors A Scam? Click to discover more…

It isn’t a surprise that people are worried about getting scammed because there are so many cheap programs out there offering internet marketing training and they just don’t deliver. People want to know if what SFM claim about their training and systems is true and whether they can be trusted to fulfil their promises. You don’t want to be parted with your hard earned money only to find that you have been duped and have nothing to show for it afterwards but a big look of embarrassment.

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Is The Six Figure Mentors A Scam?

My name is Dr Bradley Tomkins and I can tell you that Six Figure Mentors is legit and not a scam. I have written my own SFM review and as a professional person, I hope that you can have confidence when I tell you that this is a legitimate and genuinely effective business opportunity and online marketing training system. The system has been founded by people that have genuinely made millions of dollars through online affiliate marketing and they share their knowledge and experience with members through the pre-recorded training materials and their regular weekly webinars. The tactics and information shared with members is detailed, genuine and valuable so that you will be able to implement the strategies to generate leads and sales in whatever business you choose to promote. They also provide you with much of the software and technical support that any internet marketer might need to be successful online. Some of this software you just can’t find anywhere else! You also get to join an active and friendly private community of members to support you in your business efforts.
Your membership entitles you to unlimited hosting, access to all of the software tools and the instant authority site builder tools. You get access to the community forum and our full technical support team who can help with any website related hurdles that you might face. We even have live support so you don;t have to submit a ticket and wait for a reply. You can have live and free technical support to get you sorted and back on track immediately. You get full access to our training vault of videos and PDFs to train you to market online the right way.

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You additionally get the right to promote Six Figure Mentors products and earn massive commissions on any sales that you make. You can earn a life changing income from just promoting the company’s products without promoting any other products, if you so choose.Of course, you will have to be willing to learn and implement the straight-forward marketing techniques that are taught in the system if you want to be successful. There is no “magic button” solution to making money online (although it can often feel that way once you master the strategies). This is no scam!

No Deception! Summary And Next Steps…

So there you have it, the word of a practicing UK medical professional, vouching for the quality and legitimacy of the Six Figure Mentors company, their systems, training and support. If you join my team through this link you can get my SFM joining bonus! I have been making good money with the SFM system since 2011 and have never been scammed by them or anyone related to their company. There is no scam, just a genuine online business opportunity that has made me some serious money online, so if you want to talk this over with me just drop me a line through the contact form on this site and we can chat on Skype/phone/email or just click the banner below to learn more or get started today.

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  1. I have to agree Brad. I’ve been with SFM for around 6 months now and have found their training, community and systems very different to anything I’ve seen before. There are a lot of scams and unsustainable “business opportunities” on the internet unfortunately but over time in the industry you learn to know the difference. Digital marketing is simply a way to earn commissions selling products via the internet. If we learn the strategies, approaches and systems used by the most successful we can apply that learning to any product or service we choose.

    • Bradley Tomkins says:

      That’s right Dave. Anyone who thinks that The Six Figure Mentors is a scam couldn’t be more wrong. I’m happy to add my weight to the discussion and say categorically that SFM is NOT a scam!

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