February 25, 2018

Stuart Ross and The SFM Program Reviewed

This is my own, original Six Figure Mentors Review, updated for 2014 to help you understand what it is and whether it’s right for you. I first came across this program when I was struggling to make money online in my spare time whilst working as a medical doctor and it has been responsible for developing me from novice in to an expert online marketer. I can assure that “6 figure mentors” is not a scam!

This is my honest Six Figure Mentors Review to help you decide if SFM is right for you.

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Six Figure Mentors, or SFM, is simply an authoritative internet marketing training program, software suite, private community and premium home business opportunity rolled into one.

Anyone can benefit from membership, no matter what their level of experience, so read on to find out how it can benefit you.

Stuart Ross’s Training Reviewed

When a new member joins, they enter the “Getting Started” training program, which provides a thorough orientation to the SFM member’s area and systems. It is designed to guide you through the simple practical steps required to set up your own “done for you” business system. It is important to get this right and you are fully supported through the process on a series of interactive live webinars and also one-on-one telephone/Skype calls with your dedicated business coach who is always available by email or phone to answer any questions that you may have. They hold your hand through the entire process.

The Six Figure Mentors Reviewer

The Six Figure Mentors Review. Dr Bradley Tomkins pictured with the founders Jay, Stuart and Daniel at a recent SFM conference.

My Membership Bonus Offer To You

People who apply through this link can receive this special bonus package! Members receive a world class training package designed to enable them to gain the skills required to sell products and services online. This training is delivered by proven experts who have “walked the walk” and proven themselves to be successful online. The company takes the quality of their content very seriously and I was reassured to know that I would only be learning from genuine experts. Successful students are sometimes invited to share the strategies behind their success with the rest of the community through webinars, which can be helpful too. The company prides itself on delivering up to date content about what is working now so that members don’t have to make mistakes working things out for themselves but instead can just copy what is known to be effective. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel.

Training materials are delivered in a variety of media including,

  • Physical DVDs,
  • Ring-bound home study manuals,
  • Monthly live webinars with the founders,
  • Weekly live webinars with company leaders,
  • Pre-recorded video training series,
  • PDF documents and eBooks,
  • Three live podcasts per week,
  • Weekly live Q&A webinars with our Senior Business Coach.

All training materials are produced to a high standard with a focus on real and actionable content to enable you to go and take action to implement the strategies yourself. As a professional, I really appreciate this because I’m busy and I don’t have time to waste listening to waffle.

Things you will learn all about in the program include:

  • How To Become a WordPress expert
  • How to build a professional WordPress website quickly and easily
  • How to build an “authority” site,
  • How to create “squeeze” or “lead capture” pages quickly and easily,
  • How to optimise a website to generate search engine traffic
  • How to write a blog for profit in any market or niche
  • How to do keyword research
  • Article Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • E-zine marketing
  • Web 2.0 marketing
  • Forum marketing
  • Ezine Advertising
  • Solo Ads
  • Banner advertising
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in Google, Yahoo! And Bing.
  • Facebook advertising- Free and Paid methods
  • Social Media marketing: Facebook, Twitter etc
  • “Google Plus” marketing
  • Weekly “Digital Business Lounge” technical training webinars

You also get access to a 6 hour recording of Stuart Ross conducting his famous Internet Laptop Lifestyle seminars in which he goes in to great detail about the online marketing and business tactics that enabled him to quit his job as an estate agent and become a top earning affiliate marketer to global companies in double-quick time!

Members get access to Stuart Ross’s acclaimed book on “Attraction Marketing” to help you to make more sales by delivering greater value and also Jay Kubassek’s “Black Box Mindset Manual” which reveals the secrets of his repeated entrepreneurial success.

The Member’s Area contains a truly massive library of premium online business training material, created by real experts, for you to go through at your leisure and is, of course, accessible from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night.

Tools And Software Reviewed

Members get access to a range of highly functional and useful software and services to aid them market products and services online.

These include:

(and even more in development).

Lead Magnets

These tools are integrated with the member’s marketing suite in the member’s area and can be used by members to improve their own online marketing campaigns. Some can even be given away for free to other people as “lead magnets” such that if those people go on to become full members then the referring affiliate will receive commissions. Some of those tools and services are paid products which members are entitled to promote and earn competitive commissions on any sales, which diversifies and increases a member’s income streams.

Digital Bloggers

The Digital Bloggers platform is a powerful and authoritative aged domain in the eyes of the search engines and every member gets their own website on this domain. This website is already set up and optimised for search engine rankings, which eliminates the need for a newcomer to get bogged down in the technical aspects of website registration, hosting, installation and design. An inexperienced new member can just get started straight away without all of that technical fuss and start creating content that will be readily optimised to rank highly in the search engines and generate sales through the built in marketing and lead capture system. It couldn’t be simpler or easier to start blogging in the 21st century with this unique Digital Bloggers system.

Content Creation.

If a member doesn’t have the time or inclination to create their own blog content, there is an integrated content creation service which, for a small fee per order, can provide members with all of the high quality content that they desire which can be published on their blog or anywhere else on the net that they choose in order to market their chosen product or service.

Simple Squeeze Pages: Marketing Made Simple

If you decide to drive traffic to a lead capture page using paid advertising (always a good idea) there is a simple system that will instantly create unique affiliate links to any of a wide variety of pre-made SFM squeeze pages and landing pages. This enables you to match your squeeze pages and landing pages to the banner ad you choose to use which should increase conversions and sales.

The Six Figure Community

The Six Figure Community is a private online community forum of our members who freely share ideas and answer each other’s questions about online business. More experienced members, like me, regularly hang out in the forum and answer questions for newcomers and our peers alike. There are private groups within the community that you can join to discuss specific topics and collaborate on any number of different marketing projects. You could form a group of likeminded members and you could all support each other and encourage each other on to success.

Entrepreneurs benefit when they spend time interacting and sharing with other entrepreneurs. You are invited to introduce yourself, create relationships with other members and blog within the community about your journey to becoming a self-sufficient expert online marketer. Feel free to read other people’s blogs within the community to see how other people carved their path to success and use their experience to further your own business.

The community isn’t just an online experience. Members may join local “Mastermind Groups” to meet up offline with other members in their local area to discuss their online business and get ideas and inspiration from each other. All successful entrepreneurs have a Mastermind Group and we are no different. However, it’s not all about business! Mastermind group members often develop solid, lasting friendships with others in the group so the meet-ups often have a social side as well as a business angle.

The Momentum Day…

Momentum Day is an opportunity for members to gather together in a luxury hotel venue to further their businesses and is held 2 to 3 times a year. Places are limited and tickets often sell out fast. I have attended almost every Momentum Day to date and can assure you that they always leave me feeling refreshed and inspired to re-invigorate my efforts. There are usually some fresh tutorial style presentations and opportunities to speak to Stuart, Jay and other leaders. Indeed, some exclusive and lucrative offers have been made available to attendees in the past so it is definitely worth attending if you want early bird access to the latest information and don’t want to miss out.

Exclusive “Digital Experts Academy” Discount

Six Figure Mentors members are also fortunate to be able to get heavily discounted access to the Digital Experts Academy marketing program. The training program has four levels, DEA Silver, DEA Gold, DEA Platinum and DEA Black. DEA has been designed to transform total novices into full-time, professional online marketers in every respect. The DEA program perfectly complements the SFM membership and whilst it is not a requirement for success, it does make success more likely so I would strongly recommend that new members take up the generous discount offer with both hands.

The Business Opportunity

The business opportunity is one of the most fair and lucrative in the online world. Whilst members are able to use the tools and training to market any other products and services of their choosing, they are also granted the right to promote Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) products and earn significant commissions on their sales.

It’s not unusual for a member to earn a 5 figure commission on sales of SFM or DEA products so you can see

that we’re talking about the kind of online business that can

replace your traditional offline income by

simply making just one or two

sales a month!

Members that make sales of company products are entitled to receive a small commission on any sales that their own referrals make. This is called “2 tier marketing” and is a powerful way of increasing income for those people that choose to re-sell SFM/DEA products so you should click to discover why this is better than the traditional MLM model.

If you want to take advantage of Stuart’s business system as your main business opportunity, you can make big commissions as an affiliate member. If you are really serious and want to qualify for even higher percentage commissions on your sales then it is well worth taking the “SFM Elite upgrade” so that you can earn $1000 commissions from just one sale and benefit from higher-level webinar training with Stu and Jay. This option really does skyrocket your income potential. These kind of start-up fees should be viewed as “franchising” fees and really are quite low when you consider how much you would have to pay to become a franchisee of a popular offline business like McDonalds etc! Wouldn’t it feel better to sell something that can change people’s lives for the better rather than a MacDonald’s meal or some other tedious product that you aren’t even slightly enthusiastic about?

But I don’t like selling…

Members don’t have to do any of the selling of SFM/DEA products because the experienced SFM/DEA team do all of that for you through live calls and live interactive SFM webinars like this one.

The company create and provide all of the sales materials so that you don’t have to.

All you have to do is to encourage leads (people who might be interested in your offer) to submit their email address in to the system (using your online marketing skills) and the company will do the rest. All selling will be done by the team. Any sales will be electronically tracked by the sophisticated lead tracking technology and commissions will be automatically paid in to your bank account.

It really couldn’t be simpler.

Click here to check out some of the many testimonials.

The Six Figure Mentors Thoroughly Reviewed

The Six Figure Mentors Reviewed By Dr Brad

Final Thoughts…

This company has been responsible for taking me from total novice to digital marketing expert and one of the top SFM affiliates and I am confident that they can do the same for you.

As a founding member of SFM and DEA and one of their best affiliates I am well placed to support you in the system.

If you have enjoyed Bradley Tomkins’ review and are ready to get started,

simply click the button below to get started today.

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