January 19, 2018

SEO Supremo

“SEO Supremo”: The Search Engine Optimisation Course

SEO Supremo is my highly acclaimed new course that teaches people what SEO is and how they can implement it to rank their websites in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is widely considered to be a mystery to most people and is commonly believed to be too complex for the average person to understand.

My course blows that myth out of the water and enables the average internet user  to create content that search engines love and then take simple yet effective actions to boost its rankings and attract that free organic commercial traffic.

This course has been proven to take complete SEO novices from zero to hero in the space of one month! People who have never ranked a site in their lives and have been too intimidated to even try have been achieving first page Google rankings in the very same month that they started taking the course. These results are insane! I never expected people to be able to achieve quite so much in such a short space of time. In fact, I had some serious second thoughts about the wisdom of sharing this information because I could be creating to much competition for myself and “letting the cat out of the bag”! It has taken me years to acquire this knowledge. Do you newcomers deserve to get it all served up on a platter for next to nothing?

What makes me an SEO Supremo?

You see, I’ve been learning about SEO since 2009 and have been obsessed with the subject, day in , day out since then.

I have been actively reading SEO blogs, taking SEO courses and following industry leaders so that I have developed an extremely broad and deep knowledge of all things SEO.

One thing bothered me. None of the courses really told the whole story. None of them really took the beginner through the whole subject in a sensible way and there were many topics left uncovered or only partially covered. This is why it took me so long to get to the bottom of the SEO puzzle! There were always more questions than answers.

My course isn’t like that.

I cover the entire subject from start to finish and go into great detail on the parts that really matter so you aren’t left wasting time looking for answers or wallowing in confusion and self-doubt.

SEO Supremo: The Details

My SEO Supremo course is currently well over 120,000 words and growing, with supplememtary video tutorials and demonstrations where necessary. That’s way longer than most chunky books you can buy on SEO in the shops and because I have a focus on “cutting the waffle” you get some idea of just how much unique and actionable content you’ll be getting when you take my course. I don’t expect you to read through pages of waffle about my life story or irrelevant stories. I just reveal exactly what you need to know to get your sites ranked and explode your online business! I’ve wasted too much time trying to cut through the “background noise” and find out what I want to know about SEO. I won’t make you go through hours and hours of material just to extract the key points. It’s all there, laid out in front of you. Dip in and out of the course as you need or take the whole thing from start to finish. The choice is yours.

Don’t forget about the periodic updates!

As one of my old medicine lecturers once famously said to the lecture hall of medical students:

“You want the knowledge…I’ve got the knowledge.”

The SEO Supremo Facebook Group

I run the private SEO Supremo Facebook Group for my students to discuss SEO and ask me questions. I share my honest opinions and provide mentorship on my student’s individual projects. Every student is a de facto SEO expert by the time they have taken the course so the discussion is really cutting edge. We sharpen each other’s SEO and digital business skills in an open and supportive forum environment. “Steel sharpens steel”! We don’t hold anything back.

You “need in” on this group, believe me!

SEO Supremo is not on general release to the public. Discussions are ongoing with Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy to develop a partnership to grant exclusive access to SFM/DEA members only. If you want to be one of the SEO insiders dominating the search engines and ranking sites at will in 2016 with my SEO Supremo course then send me a message and we’ll see if we can work something out.

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