January 19, 2018

My Recommended Marketing Tools

Welcome to this constantly updated page where I will be sharing all of the tools and resources that I use to build and run my online home business. It takes a long time to bring all of these resources together on to one page and I haven’t finished building it yet! It has taken me years to stumble across and master all of these great tools so don’t take this resource lightly.

I only list tools that have a good reputation in the online marketing community so you can be sure that the tools you find here are of high quality!


My Marketing Tools Are A Bit More Advanced !

Some of these tools are free, some have a free trial and others are paid.

Whilst the free versions are very good and are often enough for many people, if you are serious about getting outstanding results online and making loads of money then the paid tools are clearly the best. Take a look at the tools that I have recommended below so far and let me know what you think.


1.) Dr Brad’s Banner Image Creator

This is my own popular graphics software that allows you to simply create attractive, eye-catching images for any number of purposes in any size required. I used to get so fed up with not having any decent graphics to go on the header of my homepages, posts or social sites that I got my very own software to do just that (and more). Now I’m offering it to you.

It comes complete with an extensive library of images and styles for you to choose from. You have everything you need to create high converting banner ads and professional images for your websites,  social media profiles (and perhaps even your clients) without learning how to use a complex, expensive graphics package like Photoshop and for a fraction of the price.

Click here now to get instant access to Dr Brad’s Banner Image Creator.

Note: people who join The Six Figure Mentors online marketing and business coaching program through this link (for over 30 days) get a copy of Dr Brad’s Banner Image Creator for FREE!

Dr Brad's Banner Image Creator

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  • Best Keyword Research Tools

1.) Market Samurai

Market Samurai is the big Grand-Daddy of all keyword research tools. The original and still the best.

Click for a FREE  DOWNLOAD of this ultimate keyword research tool that will have you driving thousands of free organic visitors to your site in no time!

Try Market Samurai For Free!

TrafficTravis. (FREE)

Traffic Travis is the number one FREE keyword research software in the world today, used by many thousands of marketers all over the world. It’s been proven to help get you to the top of page one by quickly and simply identifying profitable low competition keywords that you can target to generate massive volumes of targeted traffic to your website. It has a ton of other cool features too that you’ll have to explore for yourself. You definitely need this FREE tool in your marketing arsenal.

traffic travis
Get Your FREE Copy Of Traffic Travis!

1). Social Monkee (FREE)

This powerful service allows you to syndicate a short description of your web site,page or post out to a large number of social bookmarking sites at the click of a button for free. There are upgraded services offered for a small fee that I use to good effect in building my search engine rankings and I highly recommend this simple solution to your social bookmarking marketing problems.


Click here for a FREE TRIAL

2.) Social Adr (FREE)

Social Adr is an automated social bookmarking service that distributes your posts and pages to a wide range of top social media sites AND gets other people to promote your content too. Of, course, you have to promote their content too but you can be selective about what you post and it can all be automated in SocialAdr. Remember that the search engines need to see strong social bookmark signals from these important social sites for them to rank you on page one so this type of backlinking should be an essential element of any marketers strategy.

social media marketing services3). OnlyWire

Onlywire is a very affordable service that allows you to instantly syndicate a summary of your new web page or post to approximately FIFTY social networks. This brings you a powerful social backlink straight back to your post or page from each of those social sites which helps the search engines to rank you higher for your keyword and also may bring interested visitors to your site from the social networks themselves. It would take all day to get those backlinks manually so save yourself the grief and get an Onlywire account today.


Try Onlywire And Become A Social Media Superstar Overnight!

  • Social Media Tools

1.) TweetAdder

Tweet Adder is the market leading software that allows you to schedule your Twitter account to post tweets on your behalf when you aren’t there. Tweet Adder also allows you to interact and follow-up with new followers on Twitter, a bit like Aweber does via email marketing.

tweet adder
Get Tweet Adder for a one time low price today.!

2) AutoFacebook Marketer

This software runs in the background and automatically joins relevant groups and befriends people with similar niche interests on Facebook so that you can build your audience, market to them and make more sales with your Facebook marketing efforts.

facebook marketer

  •  Premium SEO Backlinking Services

1.) Backlink Beast

Backlink Beast is a popular software program that can automate the building of a wide variety of link types to your main sites in order to increase your search engine rankings. It can build “tiered links” in a way that looks natural to the search engines and prevents you getting penalised for un-natural link building. It’s simple. If you don’t build links, you aren’t going to rank. Sorry. So check out BL Beast today!

backlink beast

Click here to check out Backlink Beast!

2). SENuke X-Cr

SENuke X-Cr is easily the best backlink building program on the market and is the industry standard for automated backlinking. The “Cr~” part of it’s name refers to “crowd sourcing”, meaning that members benefit from other members pro0graming the software to submit successfully to sites that users especially want to post to that might not be included in the system as standard. In this way, the number and variety of sites that you can post to is limitless and you link profiles will look even more natural to the search engines. The software can post to every type of website and can get any kind of backlink. It’s simple and attractive diagram designer enables you to create complex tiered link structures with ease. For the beginner, the “Turbo Wizard” feature gets your campaign going in less than 2 minutes. SENuke X-Cr isn’t cheap but it is the industry leader. You get what you pay for.

SEnuke XCr: Download Now!

3.) Link Pipeline

Link Pipeline is a premium SEO backlinking software developed by one of the hottest names in SEO today. Using this software has boosted many of my sites, links and rankings and because it’s so affordable it’s a no-brainer for me. Get access to Link Pipeline today.


Check Out Link-Pipeline Today!

  • Article Marketing Tools

The Leading Articles

The Leading Articles is a well know and very reputable source of high quality, “super spun” articles and unique videos that you can use to post content on other websites in order to get links back to your own. Of course, you could write your own but it takes a long long time and you have better things to be doing. The special thing about these articles is that one article can be used hundreds or thousands of times and still be seen as unique by the search engines so your backlinks are more likely to be indexed and counted and you will get more benefit in the search engine rankings. If you just submit the same article all over the web, the backlinks within them won’t all be counted by the search engines so it’s a bit of a waste of time. These super-spun articles can and should be used in content submission/backlink building software. With “The Leading Articles” you will be well served and you will receive incredible value in the quality of their articles too. I use them and you should too so click below to learn more!

TheLeadingArticles.com Article Marketing Robot.

Article Marketing Robot is the premier stand alone article marketing syndication software. You see, you only ever write off-site articles to either gain backlinks to your site for SEO rankings or to lure people to your site when they read the article on another site. When you have taken the trouble to write your promotional article, this software sends your article to many thousands of article directories (sites that exist for the purpose of publishing other people’s articles) where they may be further syndicated by other blog owners looking for free content. Either way, you still get the all-valuable backlink from that site to your own which will boost your search engine rankings. Better still, it can also submit your content to Web 2.0 and Wiki-type sites too. This isn’t a free tool but it isn’t too pricey and should be an integral part of your marketing process!

Article Marketing Robot
Start Submitting Your Articles Everywhere With Article Marketing Robot
  •  Autoresponder Services

1.) Aweber

Aweber is my favourite email autorseponder service. For a low monthly fee you get to send as many emails as you like to however many people you can get to subscribe to your email list or newsletter. You can set it up to send a follow up sequence of pre-written emails on autopilot and you can also send one-off emails to your list too, to let them know what is happening in your business and to share news of great offers that they might be interested in. This video below provides a good overview for you.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $15iphon

2.) 5iphon (FREE)

5iphon (pronounced “Syphon”) is an incredible email list building multiplier software for people in the internet marketing niche that allows you to potentially build your list 3 times as fast as you would otherwise do. For every one of your leads that joins the service, you get 3 relevant email leads added to your Aweber list on autopilot! And best of all, it’s FREE!


Get your FREE copy of 5iphon and explode your list today!

  • On Page SEO Tools

1.) SEO Pressor.

SEO Pressor is a popular WordPress plugin that automatically analyses the content on your page and gives you detailed instructions about how to improve the content structure and layout to improve your SEO score so that you can quickly see how to best optimise your content to get ranked on page one of the search engines. You should have a plugin like this installed on your site if you want to have the best chance of attracting search engine traffic.

SEO Pressor

Discover SEO Pressor Today!

2.) RankTracker Plugin (FREE)
This free plugin for the Firefox browser allows you to check your search engine rankings for a range of keywords at any one time.

  • Video Marketing

Traffic Geyser

Traffic Geyser is the ultimate syndication and backlinking service for getting your video content distributed all over the internet. Why just submit to YouTube when you can get your content submitted over a large number of other high authority video sites too for added exposure, traffic to your site and more sales.

Traffic Geyser

Click To Try Traffic Geyser for yourself!

  • Solo Ads And Marketing Training

The Directory Of Ezines

The Directory Of Ezines offers a comprehensive and constantly reviewed, up-to-date list of solo ad and newsletter providers who would be willing to promote you site. It is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to generate targeted and relevant visitors to their website or offer to make more sales. They offer an affordable lifetime membership option that I have taken advantage of and they have many hours of up to date marketing training and other benefits including free coaching too!

Remember to bookmark this page and return to see what great new tools and services I have added.

There is so much more to come!!!

Dr Brad.