January 19, 2018

How To Write A Recommendation – Dr Brad’s Simple 4 Step Blueprint

How I Give A Testimonial

I’m going to show you my process for writing a testimonial that will demonstrate to other people just how good the product or service that you are promoting really is. My proven four step process is sure to improve the quality of the testimonials that you provide for other people. You can also it to help your customers to provide great testimonials for your own products or services which will improve your credibility in your industry. It’s a shame that people just launch into this without giving it the proper thought and consideration that is deserves. If you are going to take the time and trouble to provide a testimonial you might as well do it properly and following a proven template to enhance the value of what you provide.  Now let’s get on with the actual formula for my powerful, proven blueprint.

How To Write A Testimonial

How I Write A Testimonial For Best Results!

How To Provide A Great Endorsement

1. Context.

The person giving the endorsement should start by giving the reader or listener some background on themselves and the problems that they faced before using the product or service in question.

For example, the person might say

“Hi I’m John Smith, home business owner and affiliate marketer. Before I became a customer of thebestseoservice.net I really struggled withbuilding effective back links and getting my SEO just right. To attract visitors and make sales I have to rank highly in the search engines and I was really struggling to get the rankings and traffic that I needed to make enough money to support my family.”

In this way, the reader can start to relate to the person giving the testimonial. They empathise with their problems and start to understand how the product or service might be of use to them in their own situation.

2. Overcoming adversity.

The provider should now go on to succinctly explain how the product or service in question enabled them to simply and effectively overcome the problem that was highlighted in step one.

For example

“Now that I’m a client of TheBestSEOService.net I simply tell them what I want to rank for,

part with a small fee and they rank me at the top of page one for the keywords that I have chosen. “

3. Implication.

In this step the testimonial provider should elaborate on how overcoming the problem has benefited them and how it makes them feel. To use marketing terminology, you might imagine that step 2 is the testimonial provider talking about the feature of the service and step 3 is talking about the benefits of that feature. You might think that it is silly or unnecessary to be commenting on how the benefits of that feature makes the person feel but you would be wrong. By coupling the benefits to emotional response you are helping to create that same feeling in the reader or viewer of the testimonial. You may have heard it said that “people buy with their heart” and it is for this reason that the coupling of benefits and emotions in step 3 of my testimonial process is so powerful and important.

For example “Now I know that I can quickly and easily rank for any keyword of my choice by using TheBestSEOservice.net I can reliably generate large numbers of targeted visitors to my affiliate websites and make regular, predictable sales. Outsourcing all this to reliable SEO professionals gives me a feeling of great satisfaction and happiness, allowing me to spend more quality time with my family instead of being locked away in the cupboard trying to master SEO all on my own.

4. Summary and call to action.

In this last section, the testimonial provider has an opportunity to comment on the human values of your  business i.e. friendliness, reliability, reputability etc, and finally to explicitly recommend that the reader take advantage of your product or service in the immediate or near future.

For example “I’ve always found the professional team at TheBestSEOservice.net to be very friendly, helpful and reliable and I wholeheartedly recommend that you get started with them today.”

How To Write A Testimonial
This Is How To Write A Testimonial

If you have any questions about online business or how to write a great testimonial please use the contact form to get in touch. You are welcome to join the discussion by leaving a blog comment in the space below. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my guide to how to give a good recommendation and I would encourage you to take advantage of membership of this online business community who have taught me everything I know about online business and marketing.

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  1. Thank you Bradley for this excellent article. I have often struggled with writing testimonials or doing video testimonial. I know what I want to say but it doesn’t come out the right way. I have saved this blog article as you have a very clear organised guide in here that will assist me greatly when doing my next testimonial.

    I greatly appreciate you time and passion in getting this article out here
    Cheers 🙂

    • Bradley Tomkins says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback Sandra!
      I’m glad that you got some benefit from this proven system.
      Check back for more great guides!
      Let us know when you have published a testimonial using this blueprint.

  2. This is truly and excellent guide to both writing and video testimonials Bradley, Thank you for sharing!
    It covers all relevant areas needed to reach out to readers and those in need of help in this area. I know this will definitely be of assistance to me now and in my future testimonials.

    Many Thanks

    • Bradley Tomkins says:

      Thanks Tresha.
      Glad you liked it.
      Let me know when you publish a testimonial that uses this blueprint method!

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