January 19, 2018

Dr Brad’s Bond SEO Review

My Opinion of the Bond SEO Traffic Service

Originally posted Dec 2014:- This is my testimonial for the Bond SEO traffic service. I am not affiliated with them. They are a company that offers what they claim is targeted traffic to whatever niche or market you are operating in.

I am in the process of trialing their starter package for $39. After 500 free clicks to a “lead capture page” in the business opportunity niche that has been proven to convert well,  I received just one solitary opt in.  My autoresponder account analytics tells me that this lead was a man in Auckland, New Zealand, who opened the first of my messages then unsubscribed. Not great results so far! maybe the paid chunk of the traffic will convert better.

Bond SEO offers targeted traffic to your site.

Is Bond SEO the right choice for you?

Features And Benefits- Is it a Scam and Can I get a Coupon?

“Bond SEO” offer keyword and country targeted traffic driven through advertising on their extensive network of 8500 websites, three search engines, two internet service providers, movie review websites, internet gaming websites and a popular domain registrar. They say that all of their traffic is real human traffic and none of it is automated “robot” traffic. They offer a free 7 day trial on all of their packages without contracts so you are free to cancel at any time and you can also change your target url at any time (they guarantee to do so within 24 hrs). They accept all kinds of websites, including adult sites (if you own a site in that niche).

Packages and Pricing

Their lowest level package costs $39 a month for 5000 visitors over one month with a 7 days free trial. They send 500 visitors for free during the trial.

Their next package is $99 a month for 15000 visitors a month with a 7 day free trial. They send the same 500 visitors during this free trial too.

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, AMEX or PayPal.


Bond SEO seems to be the answer to any affiliates prayers when it comes to turning on the traffic to their affiliate offers but I’ll be updating this post with real time updates on my campaign results so be sure to check back regularly. In the meantime, be sure to claim your free copy of my guide to SEO and online home business success by entering your email address in the form at the top right of this page.

Update 12 Months On.

Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed my review and have submitted constructive comments, waiting patiently for the results.

How many visitors Bond SEO sent me

Bond SEO Traffic Stats

After 12 months, my tracking shows me that Bond SEO sent 88,787 “visitors” to my offer. Only 4 of them signed up for more information and none of them went on to convert into paying customers.

Oddly, they have continued to send “traffic” (if you can call it that) to my offer even though I only paid for the entry level package that promised 5000 visitors.

17,898 of the total number of visitors came in the past month alone. That’s 11 months after I started the campaign! No proper provider can send you 88,787 PPC visitors for $39. You get what you pay for in this world. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

I can only conclude that the quality of traffic is abysmally low and I can’t recommend this so-called “SEO service“!

I certainly couldn’t recommend it to my personal clients at The Best SEO Service!

For further training and insider info from me on HOW TO ACTUALLY GET TRAFFIC THAT CONVERTS , don’t forget to grab a copy of my free guide and email tips series by entering your email at the top right of this page.

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  1. I think I will try them out and give you a feed back in a couple of months. I know I need to improve my SEO which I am as a one man operation. Thank You for your opinion and advice.

  2. Have you gotten any results? I’m thinking of signing up but it seems like a scam to me.

  3. Yes I was going to ask the same question is the traffic real because most junk pass google analytic

  4. Hi, has there been any further development or comments regarding Bond SEO?

  5. In My Opinion,BondSEO is fake,They used to spam my inbox and comments section with at least 10 comments per day,Luckily i had Askimet which protected my blog.

  6. They have contacted me via contact form on my webside. So i wonder whether the money would be be well spent and will not harm my webside. Is it legitimate advertisment service or simply scam….

  7. Scamadviser say: be careful!!! China operated webside on a server that contains many suspicious websides!!!

  8. Thanks for this review

  9. I will like to know more about this Bond SEO.

  10. Bond SEO uses bots to leave comment spam, using url shorteners to hide the “bondseo” address.


  11. BONDSEO — relentless, non stop, spam. No way to remove yourself from their

    Any company that continuously spams out and annoys “potential customers” is not good.

  12. Hi Brad,

    I was considering to use their services but fortunately I found this helpful review. I guess your post saved me money, time and frustrations.

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