January 19, 2018

Digital Experts Academy

Digital Experts Academy and DEA

Digital Experts Academy is the complete solution for anyone who wants to transition from the traditional offline economy (the 9-5 J.O.B.) to becoming a self sufficient digital marketer in the new digital economy. With a range of membership levels to accommodate every personal circumstance, the DEA is designed to move you from a place of dependency on your current day-job to a place of security in yo9ur new online marketing career.

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What is DEA Silver Membership?

Digital Experts Academy Silver will help you to move from being an employee to being an entrepreneur, giving you the proper mindset to make your own decisions and develop your own business online. You will work through a series of “We-Skill” modules to help you to develop the right mindset of the modern entrepreneur. You will also gain and develop the skills to sell digital marketing services to local businesses which you might then develop to take on larger clients and make more money with your digital marketing services.

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As part of Digital Experts Academy Silver you will also follow a formal training program in digital marketing that will lead to a formal accreditation, enabling you to sell your digital marketing services to small and local business owners and tradesmen.

What is DEA Gold Membership?

Digital Experts Academy Gold is a 12 month comprehensive online training package with a 3 day intensive expert digital marketing training seminar included (at a variety of gloabl locations) that will give you the skills you need to make a full time living in your digital marketing business. In addition, you will also get regular one-to-one personalised regular mentorship via Skype with one of our proven expert business coaches to help you take your business to the next level. There is nowhere to hide in DEA Gold as your mentors will be chasing you up to guide you to success. This is the level of mentorship where you get to really get in depth one- on-one mentorship from proven leaders!

Digital Experts Academy Gold

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Digital Experts Academy Platinum is a 3 day personal branding workshop with ongoing training and support to position you as an expert in your niche by creating your personal authorty website (similar to this one) and helping you to establish credibility in your niche.

What is DEA Platinum Membership?

Without DEA Platinum, you may be lacking the missing piece of the marketing puzzle…authority! The Platinum program is designed to teach you how to become an established authority in your chosen online niche. We will design a customised website for you, which you will have an integral role in working with us to create just the kind of site and web presence that your want!

Digital Experts Academy Platinum

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What is DEA Black Membership?

Digital Experts Academy Black is the place where digital entrepreneurs get one-to-one access to coaching from DEA founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, so are only one degree of separation away from meeting a wide circle of the world’s very top digital marketers. The package also includes a 3 day marketing retreat in an exotic location where you will get to meet and mingle with some of the world’s top online marketers and other DEA Black members. In DEA Black you will get to work and collaborate with the elite members of Digital Experts Academy Black to create your own products and services that can potentially be distributed via the DEA’s vast and formidable publishing network, thereby increasing your audience and sky-rocketing your profits.

You learn more and you earn more!

Digital Experts Academy Black

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