January 19, 2018


CAPTCHA: A Guide For Online Marketers

CAPTCHA is an acronym that stands for:

  • Completely
  • Automated
  • Public
  • Turing test to tell
  • Computers and
  • Humans
  • Apart.

Please watch my video to learn more about CAPTCHAs and how you can beat them.

Computer-Automated CAPTCHA Breaking Software

The software I recommend for computer-automated CAPTCHA solving is “GSA CAPTCHA Breaker“.

It runs on your own computer alongside your chosen link building software such as, for example, GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER).

CAPTCHA-Breaker is a one time payment without recurring subscription.

GSA CAPTCHA-Breaker can be set to be your first-line CAPTCHA solving service in GSA SER.

Within GSA CAPTCHA-Breaker, you can set it to send any CAPTCHAs that it can’t solve to a different, cloud-based computer automated CAPTCHA solving service like CAPTCHA-Tronix.

CAPTCHA-Tronix is a monthly subscription service without a minimum contract.

Human-Powered Automated CAPTCHA Breaking Services

Furthermore, within your link building software,  you can set it to send CAPTCHAs that have beaten CAPTCHA-Breaker and CAPTCHA-Tronix to a human-powered CAPTCHA solving service.

The two human-powered CAPTCHA solving services that I use in my link building campaigns are:

http://2CAPTCHA.com  (The cheapest and best value of all the services)

http://www.DeathByCAPTCHA.com (Reliable but a bit more expensive)


I hope this helps to clear up the mystery surrounding CAPTCHAs so that you can get on with creating links and ranking your websites.

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