January 19, 2018

About Me

You’re about to discover how I moved from being an employee to being a successful entrepreneur. You’ll discover that I’m a genuinely successful professional person who used to struggle making money online, who wasted time and money getting burned by charlatans but now takes pride in delivering truly world class training to entrepreneurs like you. I can help you to escape the rat race by harnessing the power of the internet to start a lucrative and legitimate online business that you can be proud of.

“You can make money online too!”

My Mission.

I’ve set myself a mission to help other people achieve their true potential and fulfil their financial destiny by following what I consider to be the most powerful blueprint in online business today. Having “lived and breathed” the online home business industry since 2009, I have developed a wealth of experience and knowledge that enables me to provide mentoring to new and established entrepreneurs, developing their businesses with confidence. If you follow my system with diligence you can replicate the success of the thousands who have gone before you.

Get “The Real Deal”!

I really can’t stand the majority of people on the internet who promise to “make you money online” without requiring any effort or skill on your part. They continuously peddle the infamous “push button” solution to making money online, which doesn’t exist and only serves to distract and part you with your precious, hard earned money. So many of them are fraudulent or frankly deceitful, happy to take your money after promising dreams that they just can’t deliver, causing unwarranted concerns like the Six Figure Mentors scam.

How I Got Started.

Ironically, I first became interested in starting my own business back in 2005, just after realising my life’s ambition by graduating from the University of London as a medical doctor. I’d spent the first 6 years of my adult life living on the breadline as a medical student at St Bartholemew’s and The Royal London Medical School  (the oldest medical school in England) living in a bed-sit above a fried chicken shop in the deprived borough of East London. London has always been one of the most expensive cities in the world and I was tired of being broke.

I realised that I had spent my whole life dedicating my time and energy to academic education but had totally neglected my own financial education.

I saw that I could actually estimate my likely lifetime career earnings by multiplying my remaining working years by my likely average salary. Even if I worked really, really hard at my job all day every day, there was still going to be a ceiling to my potential lifetime earnings.

That just depressed me!

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life being ignorant about financial matters, missing out on opportunities or being taken for a fool, so I decided to do something about it.

Small Steps.

Taking action, I made an appointment to talk to a financial adviser and started to learn about the stock market and investments. I got a copy of a book that a friend had recommended to me some 10 years previously whilst I was at school, Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. Too set on a career in academia to read it whilst at school, I was hooked now that I had finally decided to give it a read. I must have read it within one single weekend! I just couldn’t put it down. The entrepreneurial flame was lit in my heart. My mindset was changed from “employee” to “entrepreneur” forever and I haven’t looked back.

Studying At Sea.

That’s not to say that I was in a position to quit my day job. I continued working hard as a junior doctor, doing the long hours, weekends and night shifts in different specialities and studying in my spare time to gain the necessary experience to be a good doctor. I went on to complete Officer Training in Dartmouth with the Royal Navy and spent the next few years overseas serving as a ship’s doctor in frigates and aircraft carriers like HMS Ark Royal. During my time serving at sea, I made sure I still found time to get online and learn more about starting my own business, real estate investing and making money online. No excuses!

I Wanted More…

Although I was proud to serve and carried out my duties diligently, I secretly hankered to build my own business. When I later got a shore posting, I stumbled across someone selling an ebook on eBay (of all places!) about how to make money online with affiliate marketing. I bought it online, downloaded and printed it before studying every last page of it in my spare time. I then decided to have a go at it so I bought a book about how to make my own website. Again, I read it and had a go.

It Wasn’t Easy, But It Should Have Been.

Well I was trying to do all of this on an ageing laptop in my naval accommodation, after work, using the most unreliable, weak “dongle” internet connection you can imagine. Despite my inexperience and the technical frustrations of an internet connection that would cut out every 2 minutes and a grindingly slow computer, I managed to produce my first ever website using an antiquated piece of software called Microsoft Front Page (which I don’t recommend). I had decided to try to sell eBooks about property investing to budding investors. I showed off my website to my family, who kindly pretended to be impressed. LOL.

My First Dollar Online.

The next month, someone made a purchase of a property investing course through my very basic affiliate website and it was so satisfying to awake to find that I had earned a commission of something like $10. That was the first money that I ever made online and it was a real milestone for me. I had proved the principle that the concept was sound and it really was possible to make money online.

Spurred on by my fledgling success, I started doing more and more research online, reading course after course about making different ways to make money. The trouble was, I lacked focus and without guidance I was drifting aimlessly about the web not really knowing what I should be looking for or learning about. I didn’t know who to trust and I struggled to make any progress.

Difficult Times.

My work as a naval doctor kept me very busy and it seemed that there was just so much to learn about “making money online” that it boggled my mind and I couldn’t find a way to systematize things to really crank the business up and make any decent money. I was getting tired, disillusioned and mentally burned out.

My Turning Point.

After searching the internet for solutions and coming across some very unscrupulous operators who took my money and simply didn’t deliver, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon my current business partners in 2009.

As a doctor and a military officer, I had to be sure that they were legitimate because I could jeopardize my career if I accidentally got involved in anything dodgy!

A Legitimate Business At Last

I could see that their business system was totally legitimate and they showed me that there was an easier way to set up websites to make money. New technology was available and I didn’t have to struggle with Microsoft FrontPage anymore. It was intuitive and could be mastered by anyone who was able to browse the web. They used the benefit of their experience to show me how to create truly attractive and profitable websites on any topic with ease, monetize them and build a sustainable business to develop a passive income and real financial freedom. All of the training was systematized and easy to implement, leaving no room for confusion and the beautiful thing is that this is all available to new students right now as you are reading this by clicking the button below!

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Helping Others To Create Passive Income

I am still an enthusiastic member of our ever-growing private online community forum and I still base much of my business on their blueprint, with a few tweaks that I have picked up along the way and I enjoy revealing the same simple system to other people, like you, who have similar ambitions. I watch new members develop and grow as entrepreneurs and help them to master a variety of strategies and tools to explode their own online home businesses. As a Founding Member of their business system (click below) I’m ideally placed to mentor new entrepreneurs through the steps to set up their own business and beyond. I’ve even been publicly recognised for my marketing achievements and I have won company awards for being a top earner in the community.

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Developing My Own Business

In the meantime, I have used my advanced affiliate marketing skills to market a whole range of products and services online, enjoying the commissions from automated sales. The brilliant thing is that I can do the work once and get paid forever. Once my marketing material has been published, I don’t have to do anything but watch the money roll in. I simply act as a middle man to bring online consumers face-to-face with products and services that fulfil their needs and get paid for my efforts. I have even developed my own comprehensive range of SEO and online marketing services for other online business and local business owners to take advantage of my expertise.

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Big Bucks!

My business partners have actually paid out over $40 million in commissions in recent years and you could be a part of this too if you are willing to just take a look at our system. As I said, I’m on a mission to share this know-how with other likeminded people…just like you.

The Best Choice.

As a successful founder member of this business system, recognised for my sales success, I’m the obvious choice of mentor to guide you through the foundation stages of our easy-to-follow system and help you to develop your own business quickly and effectively. Allow me to use my experience and expertise to help you develop your business.

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Dr Bradley Tomkins